My name is Jodie I am from the UK. I am 14 years old and have just had a long distance healing from Kenneth. I suffer from anxiety and depression through being bullied at school for years I got told about Kenneth through my grandmother..

 This was an amazing experience.. I have not been able to breathe properly for a long time from my anxiety and I can now finally breathe properly, I was laughing I felt something on my hands my palms went all sweaty and my body inside felt all tight my eyes were watering too. When I closed my eyes it went from a black color to a bright blue color all over. we then did a full body healing and that time I felt all my chest and throat getting really tight.

 My chest felt like it was being pulled back and forth, and Kenneth told me his hand was on fire and he was really connected to me after the healing I still felt the energy inside my chest it then latched onto my heart.. then we connected again and this was really amazing because I felt someone holding my heart and my chest went really tight. Kenneth then told me that he had his hand cupping my heart and his hand was beating.

I now feel really happy and have no stress and I think positive. I am very grateful for what Kenneth has done for me.It was a life changing and amazing experience.

Thank you

Jodie from United Kingdom

Kenneth has the gift to heal from God, I have been in chronic pain with arthritis for more than 15 years. I never complained and went on with everyday life, I always wishing the pain would go. I wont take tablets, and have tried everything…I got a limp a few years ago through  the pain.. I still walked everywhere; I have followed Kenneth on Facebook for over a year.I always loved his postings.

Then he brought me to this site the faith healer. I asked for healing 2 days ago 5th Feb., Kenneth gave me the healing…now I walk normal, no limp, pains nearly gone. I’m so happy; the healing was amazing you can feel it in your body, the power of it over whelmed me…. It’s an amazing beautiful feeling…from head to toe, I’m so happy…thank you Kenneth…. for all you did for me, through  GOD….god bless you….blessings


Kathleen K  from Manchester, United Kingdom

I  met Kenneth on FB through a friend. I was in need of healing energy and both of us were online. He guided me how to relax and let the energy flow into my body. I tried a couple of times… and to my surprise he actually connected to me through energy.  Kenneth could feel the energy flowing in me. He told me I was too tense (which by the way I was) I also had a  headache on the right side of my temple – to my surprise Kenneth asked me if I had a headache in my right side temple because he felt it.….


This man is awesome.. Kenneth said he could remove headache I kind of thought yeah right. but oh my god within 30 seconds it was totally gone. I couldn’t believe it.  he has a very  special gift…  all you need to do is believe and have faith in GOD and you as well will feel this amazing energy….you are an angel in disguise Kenneth.  You are helping mankind with the gift you have…

Love and a million thanks Kenneth


Shailja…  Bangalore India

“Kenneth has a healing presence, and his energy seeks to dispel every infirmity and blockage of every person he meets. It is infectious. Similar to persons as Christ, and Buddha, Kenneth has a healing touch that brings new life!”

Jonathan J from Chester, New Jersey

Kenneth has a God given gift to Heal. He comes from a place of Love and thru that gift has sent healing to me. I am a brain cancer survivor with some deficits from the brain surgery. Kenneth’s healing has enabled me to walk without my walker and has also triggered the healing in the brain of damaged tissue from radiation treatments.

 I felt comforted and Love during the remote healing that filled my soul from head to toe and beyond. I am healed and looking forward to my continued growth in love and light.

 Maria Meeker from New Jersey

My name is Krystal and my girlfriend asked me to please add Kenneth  so he could surround me with healing and white light so I did I was hospitalized at the time with a life threatening infection that had taken over my whole body and my heart was taking the brunt of the infection. I had people praying for me all over the world and I had been told that if the next time they put me to sleep and went in and looked at my heart if it was not healing I would be going in for open heart surgery to replace my heart valve….


I decided that I was a believer and that it could not hurt to have him send his energy threw my body and that’s exactly what Kenneth did as I lay in a hospital bed somewhere in another country Kenneth had me lay there and close my eyes and what I felt next was a over whelming feeling of energy and white light flow from my head to my toes my eyes welled up with tears as for some reason the light that surrounded me felt so real and over whelming I went in for my heart test and the chief of cardiology walked out of OR and spoke with my mother and what he had to say would change the course of my life forever


“Miss Newman in all if my years I have never seen someone with this condition have their heart heal completely! He continued to tell my mother that ALL of the vegetation was gone and the tear gone like it was never there and somehow the small hole had just disappeared. My heart was like it was it had never been infected and he said “This is a miracle. Your daughter must have some people upstairs really looking out for her and I truly hope she sees that because I have to believe it myself, because I saw it with my own two eyes!

I like to believe that Kenneth called all angels on deck and sent a healing energy threw my body so strong it healed me! So I say thank you and something’s just cannot be explained or proven but we just know….thanks again ken xoxo

 A healing with Ken is one of the most powerful transitions into the spiritual realm that one will ever experience! A must have on this journey.



Krystal Newman from Ontario, Canada

I have known Kenneth for a while now and have experienced his energy on several occasions. His healing energy is a amazing and loving energy that can help you quite well. It is a type of energy you won’t find with others and not based of Reiki it is pure light and pure Christ Energy. For those of you looking for a great healer I would recommend him for sure!

 Nancy, Powell-WY

When Ken gave me a healing I had hurt my back and was sitting at home not being able to move at all. My daughter introduced me to him and asked for me to send healing energy to my back. As soon as he started focusing I started seeing and feeling his energy surround me.

From the beginning I couldn’t focus on it due to the overwhelming strength of it. But as soon as it calmed down a bit I felt his hands on my own and saw the energy flow through my hands to my back. Right after the healing I noticed a great difference I can move my back better and even an old injury with my thumb stopped hurting.

A true light worker!!

 Margreet B, Delfzijl- Netherlands


I asked for my wife to receive healing energy she was extremely sick with the flu. I am James and my wife is Jo Ella. Kenneth prepared the Lord’s Prayer for her in Aramaic singing. I began to play this for her. These are her words to me at the time.

 “When my husband told me Kenneth began his act of healing, I immediately felt a good energy, a full warm  feeling that was spreading through my entire body from my head to my toes. I felt that was the healing energies flowing from Kenneth to me. I felt much better, fell into a nice sleep, my husband remarked a shift if my wheezing to an easy breathe. Within a few days I was well. With the help of the healing I recovered in a few days.

Thank you for helping me Kenneth.

Many blessings to you-Jo Ella

Kenny has amazing power that he has only begun to tap into. I was feeling completely drained and exhausted; too tired to do anything. Kenny sent me energy remotely and a half hour later I felt ready to go jogging. The best part of a healing from Kenny is his beautiful heart and spirit that shines through like the radiant light he is. This is a man destined for great acts of healing, and I’m grateful that spirit has connected our paths once again. Such a blessing to know you.

Tracey - New Jersey

Dear Kenneth I would like to  thank you so very much. I was feeling a lot of anxiety and worry from the news I heard about my mom. My mom means everything to me. She is my rock. So Kenneth gave me some healing. He gave me healing through Facebook. He asked tell me when you are ready. I said I am ready. I then felt energy this amazing energy through my third eye and front on my head. I then felt way calmer and after that it let me think clearly.

Kenneth also had helped me another day when I had this big headache I had all day. He helped take it away.  Kenneth had also cleared the negativity energy out my daughters and mom’s room. Feels way better in there now. Also Kenneth sent me energy through the computer. I felt this wind cold like energy feeling gently in my hands and up my arms and it felt like a pulsating feeling for me. Kenneth had helped my friends also with different things Kenneth is truly a natural amazing healer. My friends have even had tears from feeling his energy but in a good way.

 I will always go to Kenneth for my healing.

Thank you so much.

 Karen M from Canada

Ken's healing abilities are amazing and truly a gift of the divine. He is such a caring soul with a true calling. I was going through a difficult time and stress was flaring up a chronic condition.

During one short distance session the pain from that condition was greatly minimized.  He also picked up on a low grade headache and sinus pressure from allergies. Within minutes it was gone! I feel so much more relaxed and less anxious. I feel like me again.

Nancy S from New Jersey



A year ago my son had a very serious injury. He required emergency surgery to reconnect his femur to his hip. He just turned 13 ten days earlier. The day after he came home from the hospital, he was in my bed. It was a lower bed than his and the bathroom was only a few feet away. He was having terrible spasms and so much pain. More than he had the first few days. I was so upset and immediately went on Facebook to contact Kenny. He's a friend and I believed in him as a healer. I explained to him the situation and the pain my son was in. He said tell him to accept the energy. I told him just close his eyes and try to feel the energy. I did not tell him why, or about Kenny trying to take away his pain. When he told me he was done with the healing, I heard my son say "Mom", so I walked into the bedroom and he said, "I don't know how, but I can't feel the pain in my leg anymore." "It’s just gone"! I said oh my God, no way! Then I told him what went on. We laughed and were so happy and relieved. I will be forever grateful for this Faith Healer. He can do things no pain killer ever could 😇

-Nicholas G from New Jersey