Hello, my name is Kenneth. I am one of the few Faith Healers in the world at this time. A few years ago I was blessed with the ability to heal with the light of Christ, which started my journey of enlightenment. I am very grateful for this gift and understand I need to be share this with others.

My path started when I followed my instincts and went for a past life regression meditation session. The moment I entered a meditative state and before my very eyes, I saw the image of Christ sitting on a hill with his loved ones, including the apostles. I felt all His unconditional love.

The love was beyond anything I had ever experienced before or could imagine. I awakened after the session in a new light. I could feel energy flowing within my veins; my palms pulsated. I was not the same man I was before the session. After this happened I knew I had welcomed the divine light into my soul with open arms and began a new path.

In this day and age, people are in need of faith and hope in their lives.

I have been blessed as a servant of the heavens with a God-given ability to perform long-distance healing to raise your faith and awareness as healing energy heals your body. It is this experience that drives me to help others. It is also why I chose my name: thefaithhealer to demonstrate my commitment to service and healing. I am so blessed and happy to share this with the world.

Thank you for visiting this site 🙂